Saturday, June 7, 2008

A dream job.

I read some where that "Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams". so here I am unleashing the powerhouse of my other dreams, it may be beautiful or not but I wish the future to be mine and that too with my dreams no more as just dreams.

My parents want me to work for a public sector company as they have been a part of it and are impressed with the kind of secure and relaxed life these companies provide. I understand their concern to watch their son come home by five and spend the rest of the evening fighting for the remote with his wife over Ekta-kapoor's Mega-ultra-hyper-melodramatic-epics and the lovely cartoon network(my fav). I dont want my sweetheart to sit with a face like jagjit singh in linkin park's concert when Mrs pandey and Mrs Jha start their outburst over the latest kamolika's conspiracy in which she has mixed hair removing cream in the shampoo of Ba, so let my shweety tweety add to the bicker about the issue of how to grow hair on bald head of Ba.

I wish to have a job where I will end up having something more than just an I-Card, at the first place I don't want to work for a company,an organization or a corporate house even if they pay me enough to buy the entire balaji telefilms and revamp it to produce cartoon movies.(Serious warning : never try this,if you don't want yourself to land in the midst of rampage by Rashtriya mahila mukti aayog).

I dream of a job, where I am the most powerful person in the company - of course after the bandook wale chacha ji who sits near the gate - where I don't 've to ask for permission before leaving the office early, In short a job where I am the person who is the founder of it, I know at times it sounds ridiculous but 98.912% of literate population of India share this common dream, even half 0f those have already started with paan ka thela and are in talks with Morgan Stanley to further expand their ventures. Even I've few ideas better than the one of producing a new range of Genda chhap phenyl for supplying to those sulabh sauchalay which can't be cleaned even if we flush Aman Verma and his entire harpic factory into it (btw can you guess why aman verma appeared with the toooooo-close close ups of his favourite site just when you were having your lunch or dinner; so that you get ready and aware enough to face the consequences of your current deed).

I am not the one extremely athirst for money, I neither want a bank balance so large to take Mallika sherawat on a date to mars, nor a gigantic mansion big enough to land a Boeing-777 on its terrace, nor a car which is too long to drive through Indian streets and finally one day I've to donate it to the railway coach factory. I need money, just enough to buy a pair of new socks when the old one starts to stink badly, money just enough that no wish of my parents is left as a wish, money that can repair the black hole in my balance sheet drilled by my shweeto's shopping bills, and money enough that I don't have to say no to my sobbing chunnu-munnu for that remote controlled strip-tease barbie doll. In short the no. of zeroes after a non zero no. which can't be erased by any bankruptcy of life.


  1. May your Dreams Come true!
    ~Best Wishes!

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