Saturday, July 26, 2008

good times..!!

  • Busy trying to add java,servlets,scripts,eclipse,jdbc...etc. to my lexicon, never thought that this training will return some of the best memorable days of my life along with, bit of java skills. Just when we have entered in the last quarter of our grads and thought we are no more kids but final year students, soon we realized how incorrect we were. We still love to bunk classes that to of our training, we still never give up a chance to dance in the rain, we still love eating the paani puri from others plate more than ours , we still don't refrain from pulling each others leg on any account, and we still have a crush on every third girl we see....went to one of the most beautiful places on earth i've ever seen ,'Mandav' ...counting the last bits of masti before the college life comes to an end and this JAVA has turned out to be the "marJAVA mitJAVA marJAVA...." party for us...thanx CMC, if not for the training then definitely for all the good times it gave us indirectly.
  • still "officially" unemployed, one of my co-trainee, better my friend said "god has something better in store for me...", touch wood !! aapke store room me pura maggi aur cadbury ka stock gir pade, I hope her words come true and I am glad being here , having these people as -more of a friends than just my- team-mates.
  • The CAT countdown has begun and am still crawling with my preparations , life has really become soo hectic .... coaching, project deadlines, java, ims, cmc.....hhuhh!!


  1. year blues already..!

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