Friday, March 5, 2010

Seasons in the sun...

I renounced this blog and blogging long back but some duffer has forced me to come back and continue this era of mental-molestation through fatal english-phrases and carcinogenic grammar. As someone has disturbed the perching and defecating phoenix, therefore this someone deserves a punishment.Now you have to vow that you will comment on each of the posts here after.(Full Stop)

On this reopening ceremony of my blog, I would hereby like to express my heartfelt thanks to this silent reader, who went through my blog and endured this scripted-agony ek baar nahi , do baar nahi, teen baar nahi, chaar baar nahi balki pure paanch baar, jee haan bhaaiyon aur unki behno poooore paanch you deserve a black-&-white bravery award for this utmost act of valor, and to show my gratitude I hereby promise to gift you a complete set of non-stick kadhai and karchhi on the next april-fool's day to you. Send me your address to redeem your gift hamper.

Your comments have reminded me of an old friend. Some how i have lost the touch with her. I don't know whether you are the same person i am talking about or not but i wish she was you. So, this post will be about her. This is the story of a friend whom I met, not by chance, but I guess, by destiny's will. May be it was a bloody conspiracy led by the three nasty moons of Jupiter - if I go by the saying of Paulo uncle.

There's a universal law about girls, the product of beauty and brain is always a constant, I've always agreed to it, untill I met this girl. She called herself as 'Maverick' as she thought herself to have lots of 'creative juices' but I remember her as a no-nonsense duffer. She called me as a 'wizard of words', but I am very sure that she had a lot of other adjectives and ornamental phrases in store for me, some of which I used to hear very often are: Kutta, Kamina, Nalaayk...there might have been few more implicitly said explicit names as well, which are out of the scope of this blog.

I mer her at a place where you are least likely to find a beautiful-studious-snob -at the last bench of a class room. I mean that's not a rule, but i've observed that the beautiful or padhaku girls tend to always sit on the first rows of class, and those who have beauty with brains tend to sit right on the head of the teacher. But she is a testimony to those exceptions. We all feel so happy to have friends who can turn monochromatic dreams into technicolor realities. Who care so much for you, with whom you don't need a bond to be attached to. But there's a dark side to this story. If i could give words to it, it would be:-

O' my friend it's hard to say good bye
When all the birds are singing in the sky
Now that spring is in the air
Pretty girls are everywhere
still I can't see you anywhere
We had joy we had fun
we had Seasons in the sun
But the hills that we climbed
were just seasons out of time...

With the end of every chapter in a book you get to learn something, you either feel pleasure or pain about the happenings in the story. But here, in the book called 'Life', every chapter begins with joy and ends with sorrow. Everything starts with life and ends with death. Sadly but true, it was just one of them. We still try to deny the loss, perhaps because we guys and gals are simply incapable of understanding and accepting certain things.


  1. surreal,exquisite and...touching!! evn if u called me a duffer fr forcing u to start dis!! cm on, u owe me..n yup i really dnt need dat kadhai!!:) itz a masterpiece...gud play of wrds..n wat a lucky gal 2 hv inspired such a blog...itz sad u lost her but nt to lose n keep writing...u do it d best!!

    benign commendation

  2. n yup!! i think d original is better...
    pretty gals r everywhere

    Think of me and I'll be there...


  3. Sumit I would just say "Hmmmmmmmmmmm"

  4. and keep writing ...
    this is the only blog i read ...

    good luck to my
    bachpan ka dost.... :)

  5. @ anonymous, @ pallavi : I don't know whether what i write is really so good or not, but thank you so much, even if you are just trying to flatter me.

  6. @anonymous: yup, i guess the original one is better... think of me and i'll be there..

  7. how long will u take to write another?

  8. good one,as it is directly comes from your heart.keep writing .wish your girl would see the ve got good talent of writing.dont let it go..