Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's ma b'day!!

Had a real special wala b'day this year, in the most unspecial way, almost like yuck. The 12 o'clock started with a holi program, with no cakes but, talcum powder, shampoo, moisturiser( did i spell it right?), cold creams, vaseline, and not to forget the waxpol wooden polish. Is there a better way to start your b'day? I mean, what a crazy-a##oholic idea it was.

This b'day was an excellent examples to even-some-of-the-best-of-your-friends-need-orkut-reminders-to-remind-them-of-ur-bday; still a lot of them proved their parents bought original Dabur shankhpushpi. The first person to call, called up an hour before anyone would even try to call. Thanky ou so much, Mavo. One of the best things of the day was, my office's notice board, having "Happy b'day Swaroop" in size-50, Chanchal-mam's-handwriting font. One thing I really missed today was a cake. Anyways the cow who roams near my home, knew that it's my b'day; by the time I was going to the office, she had a fresh dung Cake right in the middle of the road ready for me to step on.

Jokes apart, the happy-ness doesn't needs to be scribbled on a cake, or to be counted by the number of candles you blew off, neither by the size of the greeting card, nor the number & worth of gifts you got. The happy-ness of your b'day is the love, care, and pain your friends, siblings, colleagues, and roomies take, the seconds they lay awake with their eyes on the clock to make sure you get your wish as soon as you wanted it to be, the dilemma and trauma they go through to select a greeting card or gift for you and finally by the number of b'day bumps you get. I really enjoyed every moment of the day, 12 to 12. It is one of those days of your life, you feel like the world is not such a bad to spend another year. Some of your friends do make you wish, how good it would be if these b'days after b'days brought childhood, instead of maturity. It was really one of the best days, that life and my friends gifted me with, but I hope the best one is yet to come; you see, I am so voracious.

Thank you every body for everything you all did to make this day, a memorable one for me. Thanks a lot.


  1. Greetings for your B day !
    Your experience is memorable indeed, keep cherishing :)

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  3. [:)]
    keep smiling n be happy...........

  4. well put we know t wz worth d trouble..

  5. @Galaxian: thanku so much :)!!

    @Pallavi: i am dearo..and wish always..!

    @MAVO: thanks dear, i guess this is ur first comment on ma welcome.

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  8. please dont stop writing this.itz real gud...long tyn sinc u wrote...please dnt stop..times change bt actully they never do...

  9. plz swaroope dnt stop dude :)

  10. hi Miss Anonymous,
    I can smell a pseudonymous flavor out of this request!! Anyways, your benign commendation will not go unheard. c ya soon!

  11. Miss??!!! guess u r mistaken dude!! it ws jz a commendatory thought...smell ?? sm big wrds...guess u took me fr sm1 else!!

  12. watevr happnd???
    din begin writing yet??

    benign commendation...